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An Easy Dinner Party Trick that Will Make your Casual Get Together Memorable

An Easy Dinner Party Trick that Will Make your Casual Get Together Memorable

This day and age has become so casual that sometimes I find myself thinking it's perfectly acceptable to wear work out clothes to almost any occasion. Well... I am here to say... that sometimes... it's fun to get a little dressy and formal. 

Yes, I am talking about dinner parties and YES I am talking about bringing back assigned seating! I love arriving someplace only to find that the host(ess) has put so much thought into the party that I have a place setting with my name on it.

name cards.jpg

Try it next time!

Simple or elaborate - it's the effort that counts 

Creating a table where the conversation flows and people find themselves next to new and interesting people that they have something in common with is a skill set and takes time. And that is the whole point. In a day where none of us have time... make some. Take the time to view the table and the guests and think about where you are going to put everyone. Mix it up. Think about who has what in common or even better who isn't the likely pairing but would find the other funny or interesting or compelling. 

Yes this takes time. In fact the last big dinner party I threw, we had 20 guests and I have probably about 6 changes to the seating arrangements before I was completely happy. But.. I can hand on heart say it was the best party we have ever thrown and the main reason for that, was that the guests all got along so well. They weren't all best friends and some of them didn't even know each other before that night. But, we put a lot of effort into the seating and because it was a fairly long dinner party, it worked. 

tale setting name card s.jpg

So, while I appreciate that the casual thrown together dinner party is by far the norm, I am making a little push for that touch of formal. Even if it's the only formal element of your dinner party. It throws your guests a little surprise and makes them feel special and thought of and more often than not, you'll see people exchanging numbers at the end of the night. 

table settting 3.jpeg

Thanksgiving is coming up and most of us sit down to a lovely and more formal table like that a few times a year. But the point is to try this OUTSIDE those formal occasions where everyone expects it. Keep it to tables of 6-8 or more and watch how this tiny little trick suddenly turns you into Martha-freaking-Stewart. 

xx Corre Marie xx 

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